Tokyo Star House

Welcome to Japan Tokyo!


1-chome-11-5 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0024

Basic Information



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PASSWORD: 64675602

Thank you for choosing our house, this guide will provides the basic information you need. If you have any questions, you can use this guide. We believe most of the answers can be found in this guide. If this manual does not solve your problem, you can contact us by E-mail or the platform you made your reservation. We are pleased to help you. But please avoid asking and annoying neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you have a happy and a nice holiday time in my apartment!

Local Services


  • Seven-11: 1 Chome-31-2 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0024
  • Family Mart: 日本〒124-0024 Tokyo, Katsushika City, Shinkoiwa, 1 Chome−29−8 アソルティ新小岩 1F
  • Fukutaro:日本〒124-0024 Tokyo, Katsushika City, Shinkoiwa, 1 Chome−49−1 松富ビル 1階
  • Matsumoto:1 Chome-39-6 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0024日本


  • Sanyo Kakiniku:1 Chome-26-19 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0024
  • Sushi Misakimaru:日本〒124-0024 Tokyo, Katsushika City, Shinkoiwa, 1 Chome−44
  • Izakaya Dorubako:〒124-0024 Tokyo, Katsushika City, Shinkoiwa, 1 Chome−28−7 ワールドビル 1F−3 新小岩駅 南口


森の香:〒124-0024 Tokyo, Katsushika City, Shinkoiwa, 1 Chome−44−3 新沢ビル3階

(If you want to make a reservation, please send the email to us. Please state the number of people, the expected reserve date and arriving time. Thanks!)

House rules

※IMPORTANT※ If you do not follow the rules, you may be asked to leave this facility immediately without any refund.

  • No smoking inside this facility and near the outside.
  • Please do not smoke or littering near this facility
  • Shoes must not be worn inside the facility. Please remove your shoes before entering.
  • Pet is not allowed in this facility. BBQ is not allowed in this facility.
  • This facility is a private residence. You are requested to provide your full cooperation in maintaining a quiet residential environment. Especially, please
  • keep the volume down after 9pm.
  • Do not dispose the garbage or garbage bag outside of designated place.
  • Do not take anything from this facility and bring them outside or back to your
  • home. Anything that is lost during your stay will be charged to you.
  • Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the lavatory.
  • Please do not place flammable articles near cooking, heating, or lighting
  • appliances. The fire extinguisher is in the living room on the first floor.
  • Before checkout or go out, please kindly turn off all the lights and air conditioners, and close all the windows.

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Late check-out fee

You need to check out before 11 am. After 11:30 am, we will charge the late check-out fee. The charge is 2000 yen for every 30 minutes of delay, and those less than 30 minutes are counted as 30 minutes. If you check out after 1 PM, we will charge you one day’s room rate according to the rate at the time of check-in.

Garbage classification

According to Japan’s regulations on garbage classification and garbage placement, you need to do basic garbage classification, and when you need to clean up the garbage, tie up the garbage bags and put them at the back door of the house. The staff will come to pick them up before 6 o’clock every morning.

Compensation for damaged items

Please take good care of the items in the house. If there is any damage, you will have to pay for it according to the price.